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Memories of My Life by Mr Wong Sun Kum
I started working when I was around 20 years old. I left school to work as a hawker and then as a petrol kiosk pump attendant. $130 was a basic pay back then due to the low cost of living...
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Memories of My Life by Mr Ismail
​​​When the Second World War occurred, I was only 3 years old. Subsequently, I was there to witness the surrender of the Japanese. My school days during 1955-1958 were very interesting. RI was then the only secondary school...
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Celebration of Festivals
I've had many neighbours from different races throughout the years and we used to visit each other's houses during various festivals. For example, during Chinese New Year, everyone would go house visiting...
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My Home
​I immigrated to Singapore 64 years ago when I was 23 years old. I've built my whole life and family here. We went through tough times in the 1950s when all allowances for government servants were cut off. Nonetheless, we got through those hard times...
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Memories of My Life
​When I was a child, I lived in a kampong in Radin Mas and it was less crowded then. People were more warm-hearted as we cared about each other and days were also more carefree...
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Racial Riots
Of all my memories, the Racial Riots was the one I remembered the most. I used to live near Geylang and my father used to run a grocery store. I remember that there was a day when everyone just came in and grabbed everything...
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Memories of My Carefree Childhood
​​​When I was young, I studied in Convent Primary School which was an all-girls primary school. Those days were simply wonderful. We had no stress and enjoyed playing five stones in school...
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Memories of my childhood
When we were younger, an ice ball made of shaved ice cost 5 cents. I used to buy one from an Indian ice ball seller in the mornings before school ...
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Old Days
​In the past, Singapore was chaotic. The police force was not trustworthy and corrupted. There were illegal hawkers and houses. In addition, living conditions were unhygienic and unhealthy...
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My Ah Ma, the gardener
We grew up in Kampong Ilham. The person I remember most fondly is our Ah-Ma. She took care of us until we were 6, and then she left us, and shortly after we moved out of the Kampong too...
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