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 List of Letters of Appreciations

Letters of Appreciation

Mr David Ong
My Mum would like to say thank you. We wish Singapore well and keep having a heart for its people.​
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Mr and Mrs Pereira
We, the undersigned would like to thank the Government for accepting us with the Pioneer Generation Package for life which is a great honour indeed to both of us!
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Mr Low Chai Yeong
This is the best official letter I’ve ever received from our Government. Simple, clear, brief. And most of all, straight from the heart. Thank you.​​​
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Mr Ow-yeong Keen Hoy​​​
My wife (aged 70) and I (aged 76) would like to sincerely ‘give thanks’ to our caring, efficient and corruption-free government under the magnificent leadership of PM Lee Hsien Loong ...
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