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​​​​​Roll-out of Enhanced Medicat​ion Subs​idies on 1 January 2015​​


1.​​​As part of national efforts to provide more affordable healthcare for Singaporeans, all lower to middle income Singaporeans and Pioneer Generation can look forward to enhanced medication subsidies at subsidised Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs) and polyclinics from 1 January 2015.

2.​​​All Singaporeans currently enjoy 50% off subsidised medications at subsidised SOCs, while children and elderly benefit from a 75% subsidy at polyclinics’ general clinics. This initiative will extend the medication subsidy at subsidised SOCs and polyclinics to 75% for both Blue and Orange Health Assist cardholders. On top of that, Pioneers will be entitled to an additional 50% off the remaining cost for subsidised medications. All other subsidised Singaporean patients can still enjoy the current drug subsidies.

3.​​​ The enhanced medication subsidies have been summarised in the table below:

4.The drug subsidies for Singaporeans and Pioneer Generation will be applicable to subsidised medication prescribed at both subsidised SOCs and polyclinics. This refers to medications listed under the Standard Drug List (SDL) or the Medication Assistance Fund (MAF), which have been assessed to be cost-effective and essential for treatment . Please refer to Annex A for a bill sample prepared by the National University Hospital.​

5.​The MAF was enhanced in 2011 to provide subsidies to eligible patients who require non-standard drugs that are assessed by the public healthcare institutions’ clinical review panels to be clinically necessary and appropriate for the patient’s treatment. Patients can approach the institution’s staff should they have questions regarding their medications or if they require financial assistance.

​​Ministry of Health

​ 29 December 2014 ​